Requirement Analysis

We analyse your requirements.


We customize the application as per your needs.


We deploy the application on your server.


After the launch, we provide support for the application.

User friendly experience

Our application focuses on delivering good end user experience for all age groups. It is built on the principle of simple design with a smooth flow. Allowing the user to complete his tasks effortlessly.

State of the art technologies

We have used the best technologies. The application is built in Angular and Microsoft .Net Core. The application uses OAuth 2.0 authentication. Stripe Payment gateway is used for payment processing.


This application is packed with features that is required for any web application in today's day. From security to scalability to promotion.


Our application uses state of the art authentication system

  • It uses OAuth 2.0 authentication. This makes any kind of unauthenticated penetration into the system impossible.
  • The payment process is entirely handled by Stripe Payment gateway. Stripe provides a convenient and secure payment platform for businesses. With its services, you can confidently accept payments online without worry – all while paying affordable transaction, processing and payment fees to use the service.


Our application can be scalable over a number of industries.

  • Our applictaion can be customized to any industry. Also it can support mulitple industries like clothing , electronics etc.
  • There is no limit to the data that can be processed on the site.

Other features include

Categories can be defined. Seasonal activities can be defined.

  • We have tree structured category designer. This is a tool that you can use to define the categories. Delete/rename existing categories.
  • Seasonal activities can be defined. Example, the start, end date of a sale and sale price can be defined in the product designer.